From advocacy to fundraising, to social events and campaign support, as young Democrats we continue to be a driving force within the Democratic party and progressive movement at all levels. Some of us work in politics professionally: on campaigns, and at all branches and levels of government. Others are students or work in non-political jobs and are political activists in their free time.

We welcome all Democrats under the age of 40 to join our group, get involved, and make a difference in Franklin County! There are many ways to do this on a reoccurring basis. The easiest way – join a committee!

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Membership Committee
Chair, FCYDems VP, Joe Ryan
The Membership Committee is responsible for growing and defining membership. It works to build meaningful relationships with all members and ask for their feedback on goals, strategic planning, new committees, events, locations, fundraisers, and other programming. Email with questions.

Candidate Screening Committee
Chair, FCYDems Secretary, Stacie Baker
The Screening Committee is in charge of the FCYDems candidate endorsement process. It reviews, sends and receives candidate screening documents, deliberates and makes recommendations for FCYDems candidate support. this committee is capped at a maximum of nine voting members.  Email with questions.

Policy Committee
Chair, FCYDems Secretary, Stacie Baker
The Policy Committee expands our progressive activity beyond candidates and into issue areas. The committee identifies topics of importance to young progressives and convenes educational forums to enlighten and inform our members. Email with questions.

Finance Committee
Chair, FCYDems Treasurer, Mike Liggett
The Finance Committee assists the executive board with fundraising activities. The committee sets fundraising goals, plans the FCYDems fundraisers and FCYDems finance related events for YD candidates. Email with questions.

Communications Committee
Chair, FCYDems Communications Director, Jen House
The Communications Committee works to promote and market FCYDems events, fundraisers, socials, trainings, and advocacy opportunities. It focuses on membership communications, traditional PR, and the digital presence of the organization. Email with questions.

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