About Us

We are a diverse group with a common vision, working to elect young Democrats and advance a progressive agenda in Franklin County.

From advocacy to fundraising, and from socials to major conventions, as young Democrats we continue to be a driving force within the Democratic party at all levels.

Some of us work in politics professionally: on campaigns, and at all levels of government. Others are students or work in non-political jobs and are political activists in their free time.

We welcome all Democrats under the age of 40 to join our group, get involved, and make a difference in Franklin County!

FCYD is proudly affiliated with Ohio Young Democrats, OSU Law Democrats, Capital Law School Democrats, and Ohio State Democrats.


Join Our Email List

Subscribing to our mailing list is one of the best ways to stay informed! Emails typically go out towards the end of the month and contain a roundup of upcoming events and activities.

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Attend meetings and events

General meetings are usually held every other month. At these meetings, we discuss the organizations goals, programs, projects, and opportunities, as well as vote on any issues which require a general consensus. Details for the next general meeting are sent via email to our list, and can be found on this site and on Facebook. During months when meetings are not scheduled, we like to hold at least one social or community event: happy hours, watch parties, meet-the-candidates nights, and much more. One of the greatest benefits of joining FCYD is access to special events and guests in Columbus and around the country. Our members have attended presidential debates, ODP dinners and rallies, met with local, state and national elected officials and candidates, and more.

Become an Official Member

In order to become an official member, we require a $20 annual membership fee.
Learn more about becoming a member here.

Join a Committee

If you are interested in becoming more involved and joining a committee, reach out the Executive Board Member responsible for that committee. If you would like to get more information on each committee’s responsibilities, feel free to contact us here.

Membership Committee – Chaired by Levi Griffith
The Membership Committee is responsible for growing and defining membership. It works to build meaningful relationships with all members and ask for their feedback on goals, strategic planning, events, locations, fundraisers, and other programming. Email Levi at vicepresident@fcydems.com.

Candidate Screening Committee – Chaired by Stanley Gates
The Screening Committee is in charge of the FCYDems candidate endorsement process. It reviews sends and receives candidate screening documents, deliberates and makes recommendations for FCYDems candidate support. Email Stanley at secretary@fcydems.com.

Finance Committee – Chaired by Kyndal Sowers
The Finance Committee assists the executive board with fundraising activities. The committee sets fundraising goals, plans the FCYDems fundraisers and FCYDems finance related events for YD candidates. Email Kyndal at treasurer@fcydems.com.

Communications Committee – Chaired by Maddy Lomax-Vogt
The Communications Committee works to promote and market FCYDems events, fundraisers, socials, trainings, and advocacy opportunities. It focuses on membership communications, traditional PR, and the digital presence of the organization. Email Maddy at communications@fcydems.com.


Lucy Frank – President
Lucy is serving her second term as president. In this role, she manages all of the executive committees, is the primary liaison with outside groups and organizations, and serves on the Franklin County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee. Lucy has been active in Ohio politics for six years. She works as the Legislative Assistant for Columbus City Councilmember Emmanuel V. Remy and is a proud University of Toledo alumna. Email Lucy at president@fcydems.com.

Levi Griffith – Vice President
The primary responsibilities of the Vice President is to assist the President. The Vice President also serves as the Chairman of the Membership Committee. The committee is charged with growing Franklin County Young Democrats membership. Levi is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where he served as President of the OSU College Democrats his fourth year. Levi is currently working as a Legislative Aide at the Ohio State Senate. Email Levi at vicepresident@fcydems.com.

64837640_2310508885700733_4010994774331883520_oKyndal Sowers – Treasurer
As Treasurer, Kyndal manages FCYD’s finances and ensures that all the group’s political activity is conducted according to Ohio Law. She is also the chair of the FCYD Finance Committee and the organization’s chief fundraiser. Kyndal is a graduate of The Ohio State University and works at the City of Columbus in the Office of the Mayor. Email Kyndal at treasurer@fcydems.com.

Stanley Gates – Secretary
The Secretary is in charge of noting all important FCYD business, such as keeping the minutes of general and executive meetings and managing the group’s archives. Stanley is a graduate of Howard University and The Ohio State University. He works at Columbus City Council as part of the Community Engagement team. Email Stanley at secretary@fcydems.com.

Maddy Lomax-Vogt – Communications Director
The Communications Director manages FCYD’s public relations, including emails, social media, event marketing, and the FCYD website. Maddy also chairs the Communications Committee which works to publicize FCYD events and endorsed candidates. She graduated from Alfred University and is currently a PhD student studying Analytical Chemistry at The Ohio State University. Email Maddy at communications@fcydems.com.

FCYD Executive Board 2020