FCYD Sending Sixteen (16) Ohio Delegates to 2021 YDA National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio!

This August 11-14 the Young Democrats of America will host their 2021 National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Franklin County Young Democrats are proud to share they are sending sixteen (16) Ohio Delegates to the convention.

Delegates were chosen earlier this summer by the Ohio Young Democrats, led by President Christopher Anderson, to serve and represent the Great State of Ohio at the convention. For many delegates like Jen House, Bridgette Tupes, and Dontavius Jarrells, this will be one of many YDA National Conventions attended. For others like Jake Dretzka, Mikayla Lee, and Cory Ventresca, their first-ever YDA National Convention will be the best one – because it’s being hosted in Ohio, of course!

Please join FCYD in congratulating our wonderful 2021 YDA National Convention Ohio Delegates and giving a big round of applause to the Host Committee Members who have all worked hard to help make this convention the best one yet.

2019 Ohio Delegation in Indianapolis, Indiana – YDA Convention

The sixteen (16) FCYD Ohio Delegates heading to YDA Cincy are:

  • Jen House, Host Committee Chair
  • Lucy Frank, Host Committee Member
  • Andy Price, Veteran & Military Affairs Caucus Chairman
  • Jordan Hawkins, Host Committee Member
  • Millie Vaughn, Host Committee Member
  • De’Juan Stevens, Host Committee Member
  • Spencer Dirrig, AAPI Caucus Vice Chair
  • Dontavius Jarrells, Black Caucus Chair; Host Committee Member
  • Bridgette Tupes, Host Committee Member
  • Maddy Lomax-Vogt
  • Brandon Edwards
  • Mikayla Lee
  • Kelly Harrop
  • Jake Dretzka
  • Cory Ventresca
  • Angie Phifer

Learn more about the 2021 YDA Convention.

If you would like to DONATE to help cover delegation costs, any amount is greatly appreciated!


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