Member Spotlight: Jaiza Page

Jaiza Page was working to improve Columbus long before she joined Columbus City Council last year. Growing up, Jaiza and her brother were heavily involved in community service, volunteering and helping out friends and neighbors. She didn’t come from a well to do family, but her mother always taught her ways to give back.

She attended Georgetown University for her undergraduate degree, and worked on Capitol Hill and at the National Guard while in DC. But it wasn’t long before she came back to Columbus. “I really love Columbus. As I’ve grown older, I’ve seen the economic growth of our city… I wanted to come home and be a part of the change,” she said. Jaiza applied only to Moritz College of Law at OSU where she received her law degree.

Working as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Columbus, Jaiza primarily worked on a zone initiative addressing public nuisance cases and vacant housing. One of her proudest accomplishments was shutting down and demolishing Motel One, which was a major prostitution and drug activity hub. She also focused on Myrtle Avenue, which had nearly twenty-four houses on the street with only six being occupied. Of those six homes, only one or two were owner occupied. Her work filing injunctive actions on these cases and many others has helped to increase the health, safety and welfare of our neighborhoods.

On Council, Jaiza chairs the Education Committee, along with Recreation and Parks. She said “Education is at the root of it all. We must find creative and innovative ways to provide quality education to our kids… We are partnering with our school board to find solutions – the City is right there with them.” That includes everything from improving the nutrition of school lunches to increasing the income and wealth within the I-270 belt. Education will be a major cornerstone of Jaiza’s work on Council.

Councilmember Jaiza Page is on the ballot this fall and is an endorsed candidate of the Franklin County Young Democrats.

Written by Brooke Wojdynski


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