Policy Panel: Issues Affecting Women

On Thursday, May 22nd, 2015 members convened to discuss policies that disproportionately impact women in the state of Ohio. Panelists included Heather Bishoff, State Representative of the 20th District, Liz Brown, Chair of the Parental Leave Committee for the Communication Workers of America Local 4502, and Bridgette Tupes, consultant with ART Advisors.

Members learned about the current status of Ohio as it relates to the wage gap, the effects of raising the minimum wage, and how economic security is the bedrock for narrowing gender inequity. Panelists also presented the facts regarding the infant mortality epidemic in central Ohio and its direct correlation with women’s health and poverty levels. Representative Bishoff spoke of initiatives on the state and local level to improve these conditions by Democrats and the blockades Democrats are facing by Republicans, and how Medicaid expansion would dramatically improve the quality of life for thousands of Ohio’s women. Our membership and panelists further discussed human trafficking and what organizations are doing to fight trafficking in central Ohio. Finally we talked about how individuals are elected, female participation in elections and as elected officials, and the drawing of lines drastically effects how much we can get done on these topics.

These Policy Matters discussions ensure that FCYDems members have the opportunity to engage with policymakers and the individuals who are in charge of implementing policies.



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