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We completed endorsements for the 2016 General Election during our August meeting. Congrats to all of the 2016 FCYDems endorsed candidates!

•Ted Strickland for United States Senate
•Joyce Beatty, Representative to Congress (3rd District)
•John P. O’Donnell for Justice of the Supreme Court
•Cynthia Rice for Justice of the Supreme Court
•Jennifer Brunner, Judge of the Court of Appeals (10th District)
•Julia Dorrian, Judge of the Court of Appeals (10th District)
•Cathy Johnson for State Senate 16th District
•Adam Miller for State Representative 17th District
•Kristin Boggs, State Representative 18th District
•Michael Johnston for State Representative 19th District
•Heather Bishoff, State Representative 20th District
Ryan Koch for State Representative 21st District (FCYDems member)
•David Leland, State Representative 22nd District
•Lee Schreiner for State Representative 23rd District
•Kristopher Keller for State Representative 24th District
•Bernadine Kent for State Representative 25th District
•Hearcel F. Craig, State Representative 26th District
•Kevin Boyce for County Commissioner
•John O’Grady, County Commissioner
•Zach Klein for Prosecuting Attorney
•Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas
•Dallas Baldwin for Sheriff
•Danny O’Connor for County Recorder (FCYDems member)
•Anahi Ortiz, County Coroner

For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
◦ Crysta R. Pennington
◦ Mark A. Serrott
◦ Jeffrey M. Brown
◦ Laurel A. Beatty
◦ Richard A. Frye
◦ Kimberly Cocroft
◦ Jim Reese (Domestic Relations Division)

FCYDems Endorsed Candidates

vote today, croppedFollowing the success of the repeal Senate Bill 5 movement of 2011, students and others previously not familiar with the labor movement became aware of the importance of organized labor to progressive causes. Nate Hall, an FCYDems member who serves as a policy analyst for the Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC), is one such student.

Nate started working on behalf of progressive causes while still a student, at Ohio University in Athens. He started by working on Obama’s successful 2008 campaign and then later served as the College Democrats President for Ohio University until he worked as campaign manager for the successful race of Nick Barborak for the 5th Ohio House District. Beginning in January of 2013 Nate worked as a Legislative Aide for Representative Barborak. This gave him an understanding of the legislative process until he left the legislature to help run another Democratic House race in the difficult 2014-election cycle. This shift allowed Nate to stumble upon an opportunity to assist the labor movement as a staff member with IKORCC. (more…)

Members Spotlight: Nate Hall